To get involved and find out about rides, simply join the Facebook group.

How RPHCC works

(we’d call it “the rules” but we’re not really that formal)

Annoying but necessary legal disclaimer: RPHCC is not an official club but simply a forum enabling residents to organise and take part in rides. It has no affiliation with Ruskin Park House Ltd, and rides are undertaken at your own risk.

  1. Anyone can get involved, regardless of age, sex, ability, experience, bike owned, knowledge of 1970s Giro d’Italia winners, etc.
  2. Anyone can organise a ride. Just make a post on the Facebook group.
  3. No-one gets left behind on a ride.
  4. You are welcome to invite non-RPH friends to the rides.
  5. If you’re coming on a ride, please comment on the relevant post so we have an idea of numbers.
  6. There are 4 basic types of ride:
    • Category A ~ family rides for all ages. Probably fairly short and fairly local.
    • Category B ~ leisure rides, on generally flat terrain. Suitable for all bike types, and older children welcome. Refreshment stops could well last longer than the actual riding.
    • Category C ~ road bike only outings, usually to the North Downs in Kent, up to 50 miles long. Will take in some challenging hills, but at a not-too-strenuous pace, and with a cafe stop somewhere along the route.
    • Category D ~ tough, 50+ mile training rides for riders preparing for races and sportives. A fast pace with difficult climbs and short breaks only.

These definitions are entirely loose. A ride could easily be a combination of categories, e.g. a group of riders sets off together, then some stop for cake and coffee whilst the others tackle a couple of extra hills.

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